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Project Management Services

Project Management Consulting Services:

Gunter Media Group, Inc. provides beginning to end project management services utilizing the project management principles of PMI the global standard in project management.   Our #1 goal is to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.  We achieve this goal by fully understanding the client’s objective and defining the scope of the project down to the most remote detail. 

Methodology  – We focus on the company’s strategy and how the project will help the CEO achieve his/hers profit goals.  In order to achieve success we ensure the project is fully aligned with the corporation’s goals.  This will ensure that the project delivers the benefits to the organization and the stakeholders are pleased with the outcomes.

Success Process – We believe that a well-defined project plan can be segmented into four phases to achieve a cost effective optimum outcome.  This four-phase process is defined as:

  • Strategy – Establish the overarching strategy to define and determine the key projects to achieve the company’s objective.
  • Sub Project (Pilot) – A cost effective and time efficient method of proving the hypothesis of project
  • Project – Building on the success of the Sub Project (Pilot), the Project now moves to a full operational project.
  • Program – For the more complex projects we establish a “Program” that consist of several projects that are linked strategically to achieve the overall objective.

Project Formulation Process – Our project formulation process builds on our knowledge of our client, their strategy, goals and the ultimate goal of helping our clients to achieve the best practices of the Forbes 2000.  To achieve this goal we work with our clients to ensure their process consistency, high level training and strategy is well defined.  A project has the greater chance of success if these three areas are well defined, communicated and implemented fully throughout the organization.