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Executive Coaching

To achieve the personal development objective we utilize a five point program that involves the following activities:

 GMG Inc. Executive Coaching Model

Assessment – To conduct the assessment we utilize tools that allow you to self identify with yourself through a series of tools, interviews, personal inventories, etc.

GAP Analysis – Thorough review of the assessment tools to allow us jointly create an individual GAP analysis of all key professional and personal personality traits.

Discussion – After the assessment review has been completed we utilize this information to establish a base level of information that will allow us to begin the in-depth discussion about what we have learned through the assessment.

Plan Course of Action – The planning session provides us the opportunity to identify the key activities that we will utilize in the personal development plan that will allow the team member to establish a plan of action going forward.   The key part of the program that allows the team member to put in practice the new tools that we have discussed in our one on one sessions.  Secondly, we will establish a performance dashboard that will track your success on a weekly basis.

Performance Dashboard – We will jointly create a Performance Dashboard of metrics that will allow the team member to track their performance and will be used in our on going development discussions.