Leadership Team

Darrell W. Gunter

President and CEO

A “Digital” publishing executive with extensive experience in leadership, strategy, sales, marketing and technology(Blockchain & AI) in the digital industry. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at many industry events.

He is the President and CEO of his consulting firm Gunter Media Group, Inc. He also serves as the Director North America, for the International Association of STM Publishers. Having worked for the leaders of the electronic Information industry Xerox, Dow Jones Financial News Services, Elsevier, Collexis and the American Institute of Physics. He has been an innovative pointer in the industry with the successful launch of several dynamic products and applications; Xerox; Xerox 2830, DJ News Retrieval(now Factiva), ScienceDirect, Scopus, College Markets (Elsevier) and BiomedExperts.com, Experts Profiles, Reviever Finder, (Collexis) and GadgetOne TM (Gadget Software).



First Sales Person on the street for Dow Jones News Retrieval(Fastiva) in Los Angeles, CA

EARLY 1970s

Successfully Launched Science Direct and Scopus for Elsevier in the Americas


Successfully Launched BiomedExperts.com, Experts Profile and Reviewer Finder for Collexis


Positioned Collexis to be acquired by Elsevier


Co-Chaired, PSPS’s committee for Digital Innovation from 2011 – 2018 and is a former Associate Editor of the Learned Journal published by the ALPSP.