GMG’s consulting practice focuses on the foundation of building and turning around businesses. Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service , IT and Product Ideation, Launch and Performance Measurement, GMG is poised and positioned to help your company achieve its strategic objectives.

Seminars / Training / Workshops

GMG has designed programs that provide your team members with the best practices and the tried and true fundamentals of sound business practices.

Sales Excellence

Do you want your sales people to prepare for calls better, ask better questions, close a higher percentage of business? Our sales excellence program delivers on these areas and many more.

Customer Service Excellence

Are you satisfied with your Net Promoter Score? Would you like to dramatically improve your NPS? Would you like for your customers to be delighted? How about having a team for PMA performers? Our Customer Service Excellence program will transform your team to a high performing team.

Negotiating Excellence

Our Negotiating Excellence builds on our Sales Excellence program and goes deeper in the specialty skills of listening, questioning, responding and directing. Your team members will be better prepared to negotiate win-win agreements for you and your customers.

Building High Performing Teams

Creating a winning business culture requires the team to be provided with the vision, mission, strategy, tools, training, support, guidance, and freedom to manage their domain. Our Building High Performance Teams session ensures that you and your management team are providing your team members with the necessary support to achieve the company’s overarching business objectives.


Blockchain is so much more than Bitcoin, its powerful first application. To harness the potential of this open, decentralized transactional framework, Gunter Media Group, Inc., has developed a seminar to help you get your head – and your business – around the game-changing technology.


GMG has vast experience in executive, team and individual coaching. Our coaching programs are completely bespoke and are designed the meet the needs of the individual. The strength of the program is that it provides the individual a game plan to establish a foundation of success.