Workshops and Seminars

We create bespoke events for out clients to achieve their strategic objectives. Our success formula starts understanding the complete needs of our client –
  • Identifying the key strategic objective for the client
  • Determining the right type of event to utilize for the strategic objective
  • Who do you want to attract to the event?
  • What is the desired size audience you want to participate in the event?
  • What will be the best desired ROI /outcome of the event?
  • Creation and development of the program
  • Recruitment of experts, panelist, speakers
  • Marketing to ensure event meets its strategic objectives
  • At the end of the day, we deliver a program / event that is spot on to  achieve your strategic objectives and within your budget!

Sample of our events –
Semantico Thought Leader Dinner – Organized and Chaired by Darrell W. Gunter
Professional Scholarly Publishing Annual Pre-Conference Meeting
International Association of STM Publishers